Relax in luxury at Mountain Shadows

Looking for a luxurious escape in the mountains? Mountain Shadows has everything you need to enjoy a scenic getaway. From the beautiful gardens and spa to the luxurious accommodations, we have everything you need to escape the everyday. Come experience the tranquility of our surroundings and let our experienced staff help you relax and rejuvenate. […]

What Hummingbirds Can Teach Us About Having a Happier Life

Hummingbirds are masters of happiness. These quick, flapping movements and neverending chatter may seem like frivolous things, but these birds have learned how to find joy in all sorts of situations. Their insights can teach us a lot about how to have a healthier, happier life. Hummingbirds know how to find joy in all sorts […]

“Lodge Hunting Under the Rocky Mountains”

Rocky Mountain National Park is a popular destination for hunting lodge operators, who capitalize on the abundance of big game in the park. Despite numerous game regulations in place to preserve the park’s ecosystem, some lodge operators maintain loopholes that allow them to hunt game illegally. This has raised concerns among park officials and conservationists, […]

Rocky Mountain National Park: The Ultimate Guide to Wildlife

Rocky Mountain National Park is home to some of the most iconic wildlife in the United States – grizzlies, elk, and more. But what are these animals actually like? In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to spot and enjoy these fascinating creatures. With detailed descriptions and stunning photographs, this book is […]

The Surprising Health Benefits of Riding a Horse

For many people, horses are symbols of romance and innocence. But according to a recent study, riding horses can also have positive health benefits. Researchers found that people who ride horses experience better mental health outcomes, including decreased anxiety and depressive symptoms. They also report feeling better overall and having more fun. The surprising findings […]